Gamasutra ゲームデザイン記事リスト1(1997-2005)


6/19 『Developing Games For Coin-Op』 John Klayh
6/19 『Looking Ahead: 10 Challenges for Designing Online Games and Communities』 Michael Sellers
6/19 『Interview with Gary Grigsby, Developer of SSI’s Steel Panthers』 Alex Dunne
6/19 『Collaborating in Game Design』 Noah Falstein, David Fox
7/7 『DVD: A Game Developer’s Survival Guide』 Linden deCarmo
8/7 『Internet Game Design』 Yu-Shen Ng
8/19 『Has Origin Created the First True Online Game World?』 Dave Greely, Ben Sawyer
9/12 『Where We Should be Going with Online Games』 Sean Patrick Fannon
9/12 『Creating A Great Design Document』 Tzvi Freeman
9/29 『Power To The Kids!』 Tzvi Freeman
10/24 『Postmortem: SSI’s Dark Sun Online: Crimson Sands』 Andre Vrignaud
10/31 『An Interview with Ion Storm’s Mike Wilson』 Barbara Walter
11/28 『Designer’s Notebook: Dr. Livingstone, I Presume?』 Ernest Adams
12/5 『Designer’s Notebook: Why ‘On-Line Community’ is an Oxymoron』 Ernest Adams
12/19 『Discussing Multiplayer Online Games with Digital Arcana’s Jeffrey Sullivan』 Gloria Stern


1/1 『Applying Game Design to Virtual Environments』 Stephen Clarke-Willson
1/16 『Interview With Andrew Nelson, Titanic‘s Producer』 Gloria Stern
1/16 『Designer’s Notebook: Not Just Another Scary Face』 Ernest Adams
2/13 『Girl Games: Adventures in Lip Gloss』 Rebecca Eisenberg
2/13 『Designer’s Notebook: Games for Girls? Eeeeewwww!』 Ernest Adams
2/20 『Interview with Louis Castle About Westwood’s Blade Runner 』 Gloria Stern
2/27 『Online Gaming: Why Won’t They Come?』 Jessica Mulligan
3/13 『Designer’s Notebook: Bad Game Designer, No Twinkie!』 Ernest Adams
3/20 『Hiring Game Designers』 Arnold Hendrick
4/24 『Life After Twitch: An Interview with Margo Nanny』 Gloria Stern
4/24 『Punch – Kick – Punch: A History of One-on-One Beat-Em-Ups』 Simon Carless
4/24 『Designer’s Notebook: Implementing God in the On-Line World』 Ernest Adams
5/22 『From Creatures to Androids』 David Jenkins
5/22 『Designer’s Notebook: Gulliver and Game Design』 Ernest Adams
6/5 『Games and Instruments: Two Ways to Play』 Glenn Kurtz
6/12 『The Rules of the Game: Teach a Boy to shoot…』 Ben Calica
6/19 『Designer’s Notebook: Cartographic Cartwheels』 Ernest Adams
6/26 『Interview with Fredrik Liliegren from Digital Illusions』 Simon Carless
7/10 『The Rules of the Game: Cutting Cut Scenes』 Ben Calica
7/17 『Designer’s Notebook: In Memoriam: Danielle Berry』 Ernest Adams
7/31 『Postmortem: Bungie’s Myth: The Fallen Lords』 Jason Regier
8/14 『Designer’s Notebook: The VR Gorilla-Rhino Test』 Ernest Adams
8/21 『The Rules of the Game: Yer Such a Character』 Ben Calica
9/4 『The Rules of the Game: Multi-Player Lobbying』 Ben Calica
9/18 『The Rules of the Game: Hanging Out in the Lobby』 Ben Calica
10/16 『Designer’s Notebook: A Symmetry Lesson』 Ernest Adams
10/23 『Interview with Toby Gard』 David Jenkins
11/20 『Designer’s Notebook: Creating Opponents for Wargames』 Ernest Adams
11/20 『Game AI: The State of the Industry』 Steven Woodcock
12/4 『Postmortem: DreamForge’s Sanitarium』 Chris Pasetto
12/11 『Designer’s Notebook: How to Get Started in the Game Industry: Part I』 Ernest Adams
12/18 『Designer’s Notebook: How to Get Started in the Game Industry: Part II』 Ernest Adams


1/15 『Remodeling RPGs for the New Millennium』 Warren Spector
1/15 『Designer’s Notebook: Interstate’76 and the Principles of Harmony』 Ernest Adams
2/12 『Designer’s Notebook: How To Be Weird』 Ernest Adams
3/5 『Pedersen Principles of Game Design and Production』 Roger Pedersen
3/12 『The Designer’s Notebook: Let’s Put the Magic Back in Magic』 Ernest Adams
4/9 『The Designer’s Notebook: Shut Up and Design!』 Ernest Adams
4/9 『Designing Enemies With Distinct Functions』 Harvey Smith
4/16 『Beginning Level Design, Part 1』 Tim Ryan
4/23 『Beginning Level Design Part 2: Rules to Design By and Parting Advice』 Tim Ryan
5/7 『Artificial Emotion: Simulating Mood and Personality』 Ian Wilson
5/14 『Designing Games for Novice Gamers』 Trond Larsen
5/28 『The Designer’s Notebook: The Slippery Slope of Advertising』 Ernest Adams
6/18 『The Designer’s Notebook: Tolkien, Beethoven, Vision』 Ernest Adams
7/9 『Postmortem: Thief: The Dark Project』 Tom Leonard
7/16 『The Designer’s Notebook: Simplification 』 Ernest Adams
7/16 『Formal Abstract Design Tools』 Doug Church
7/23 『Secrets of the Sages: Level Design』 Marc Saltzman
8/13 『Postmortem: LucasLearning’s Star Wars DroidWorks』 Jon Blossom, Collette Michaud
8/20 『The Designer’s Notebook: Reflections on the Colorado School Massacre』 Ernest Adams
9/3 『Pedersen Principles of Game Design and Production』 Roger Pedersen
9/3 『The Internet Sucks: Or, What I Learned Coding X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter』 Peter Lincroft
9/11 『The Rules of the Game: The Masquerade Ball in the Lobby Area』 Ben Calica
9/17 『Interview with id’s Graeme Devine』 Simon Carless
9/17 『Algorithms for an Infinite Universe』 Guy Lecky-Thompson
9/24 『The Designer’s Notebook: Designing and Developing Sports Games』 Ernest Adams
10/19 『The Anatomy of a Design Document, Part 1: Documentation Guidelines for the Game Concept and Proposal』 Tim Ryan
10/22 『The Designer’s Notebook: I Can’t Keep Up!』 Ernest Adams
11/8 『Player Character Concepts』 Harvey Smith
11/8 『Learn Faster to Play Better: How to Shorten the Learning Cycle』 Daniel Sanchez-Crespo Dalmau
11/9 『Designer’s Notebook: It’s Time to Bring Back Adventure Games』 Ernest Adams
11/10 『Glory and Shame: Powerful Psychology in Multiplayer Online Games』 Jonathan Baron
11/12 『Teaching an Old Dog New Bits: How Console Developers are Able to Improve Performance When the Hardware Hasn’t Changed』 Andy Gavin, Stephen White
11/19 『Postmortem: Presto Studios’ Star Trek: Hidden Evil』 Michael Saladino
12/3 『Postmortem: HyperBole Studios’ The X-Files』 Jason VandenBerghe
12/7 『Postmortem: Irrational Games’ System Shock 2』 Jonathan Chey
12/8 『Postmortem: Activision’s Heavy Gear 2』 Clancy Imislund
12/10 『The Cabal: Valve’s Design Process For Creating Half-Life』 Ken Birdwell
12/17 『The Anatomy of a Design Document, Part 2: Documentation Guidelines for the Functional and Technical Specifications』 Tim Ryan
12/29 『The Designer’s Notebook: Three Problems for Interactive Storytellers』 Ernest Adams


1/4 『Artists and Game Design Documents: From Interpretation to Implementation』 Joshua Gordon
1/7 『Postmortem: Shiny Entertainment’s Wild 9』 Didier Malenfant
1/12 『Designing for Kids: Infusions of Life, Kisses of Death』 Carolyn Miller
1/20 『Cyberspace in the 21st Century: Part One, Mapping the Future of Multiplayer Games』 Crosbie Fitch
1/21 『Postmortem: Redstorm’s Rainbow Six』 Brian Upton
1/26 『The Designer’s Notebook: A Letter from a Dungeon』 Ernest Adams
2/1 『Postmortem: Zombie’s SpecOps: Rangers Lead the Way』 Wyeth Ridgway
2/9 『Rising from the Ranks: Rating for Multiplayer Games』 Bernd Kreimeier
2/29 『The Designer’s Notebook: Some Thoughts on Archaic Language』 Ernest Adams
3/1 『Environmental Storytelling: Creating Immersive 3D Worlds Using Lessons Learned from the Theme Park Industry』 Don Carson
3/6 『Postmortem: Sierra’s SWAT3 Close Quarters Battle』 Jim Napier
3/7 『Postmortem: Ensemble Studio’s Age of Empires II: Age of Kings』 Matthew Pritchard
3/9 『Constructive Politics in a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game』 Matthew Mihaly
3/13 『Cyberspace in the 21st Century: Part Two, Cyberspace and Twelve Monkeys』 Crosbie Fitch
3/21 『Online Justice Systems』 Derek Sanderson
3/23 『Designing Design Tools』 Richard Rouse III
3/31 『The Designer’s Notebook: Bad Game Designer, No Twinkie! II』 Ernest Adams
4/4 『Postmortem: Westwood Studios’ Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun』 Rade Stojsavljevic
4/5 『Environmental Storytelling, Part II: Bringing Theme Park Environment Design Techniques to the Virtual World』 Don Carson
4/13 『Puzzled at GDC 2000: A Peek Into Game Design』 Bernd Kreimeier
4/18 『Postmortem: Surreal Software’s Drakan: Order of the Flame』 Stuart Denman
4/24 『Playing for Keeps: Developing Casino Games』 Steve Boelhouwer
5/18 『Cutting to the Chase: Cinematic Construction for Gamers』 Hal Barwood
5/19 『Death (and Planescape: Torment)』 Ernest Adams
5/31 『Chopping Down the Tech Tree: Perspectives of Technological Linearity in God Games, Part One』 Ethan Watrall
6/7 『Chopping Down the Tech Tree: Perspectives of Technological Linearity in God Games, Part Two』 Ethan Watrall
6/28 『Postmortem: Treyarch’s Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (Dreamcast Version)』 Jamie Fristrom
6/30 『A Primer for the Design Process, Part 1: Do』 Tim Huntsman
7/6 『Designer’s Notebook: Breaking the Rules (Ernest Goes To The Movies)』 Ernest Adams
7/7 『A Primer for the Design Process, Part 2: Think』 Tim Huntsman
7/14 『A Primer for the Design Process, Part 3: Need』 Tim Huntsman
7/24 『How to Hurt the Hackers: The Scoop on Internet Cheating and How You Can Combat It』 Matthew Pritchard
8/1 『Casual Versus Core』 Ernest Adams
9/15 『Sex in Videogames, Part 1: Seduction』 Ernest Adams
10/5 『Sex in Videogames, Part 2: Explicit Sex』 Ernest Adams
10/25 『Postmortem: Blizzard’s Diablo II』 Erich Schaefer
11/3 『The Right Kind of Beauty』 Hayden Duvall
11/21 『Sex in Videogames, Part 3: Dramatic Significance』 Ernest Adams
11/27 『Using the Hero’s Journey in Games』 Troy Dunniway
12/1 『Cyberspace in the 21st Century: Part Three Foundations』 Crosbie Fitch
12/6 『Postmortem: Ion Storm’s Deus Ex 』 Warren Spector
12/12 『Cyberspace in the 21st Century: Part Four, Foundations II』 Crosbie Fitch
12/20 『Postmortem: Ritual Entertainment’s Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2』 Scott Alden
12/22 『Designing Need-based AI for Virtual Gorillas』 Ernest Adams
12/26 『Cyberspace in the 21st Century: Part Five, Stability Before Security』 Crosbie Fitch


2/2 『Dogma 2001: A Challenge to Game Designers』 Ernest Adams
2/7 『Postmortem: Raven Software’s Star Trek: Voyager — Elite Force』 Michael Chang Gummelt, James Monroe, Brian Pelletier
2/21 『Cyberspace in the 21st Century: Part Six, Scalability with a Big ‘S’』 Crosbie Fitch
3/9 『It’s All in Your Mind: Visual Psychology and Perception in Game Design』 Hayden Duvall
4/6 『An Interview with Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney』 John McLean-Foreman
4/9 『Brian Moriarty on Text RPGs and Skotos Tech』 Ernest Adams
4/13 『Postmortem: Minds Eye’s Sheep』 Andrew Evans
4/20 『Postmortem: Micro Forte’ s Fallout Tactics』 Tony Oakden
4/23 『Game Developers Conference 2001: An AI Perspective Eric Dybsand』 Eric Dybsand
4/27 『Behavioral Game Design』 John Hopson
5/2 『Baldur’s Gate II: The Anatomy of a Sequel』 Ray Muzyka
5/11 『Postmortem: Cutler Creative’s Last Call』 John Cutler
5/21 『Replayability, Part One: Narrative』 Ernest Adams
5/30 『Interview with Minh Le』 John McLean-Foreman
6/1 『Games with a Day Job: Putting the Power of Games to Work』 Patrick Gardner
6/8 『Postmortem: Monolith’s No One Lives Forever』 Craig Hubbard
6/13 『Postmortem: Lionhead Studios’ Black & White』 Peter Molyneux
6/15 『Turning a Linear Story into a Game: The Missing Link between Fiction and Interactive Entertainment』 Pascal Luban, Joel Meziane
6/27 『Game Design – Theory And Practice: The Elements of Gameplay』 Richard Rouse III
7/3 『Replayability, Part 2: Game Mechanics』 Ernest Adams
7/3 『GDC 2001: Interactive Theme Park Rides』 Joe Shochet, Jesse Schell
7/13 『Instant Replay: Building a Game Engine with Reproducible Behavior』 Patrick Dickinson
7/15 『Game Development Salary Survey 2001』 Jill Zinner, Jennifer Olsen
7/16 『Three Inspirations for Creative Level Design』 Paul Warne
7/16 『GDC 2001: The Architecture of Level Design』 Steve Chen, Duncan Brown
7/16 『Great Expectations: Building a Player Vocabulary』 Brett Johnson
7/16 『Where’s the Design in Level Design? (Part One)』 Tito Pagán
7/16 『Where’s the Design in Level Design? (Part Two)』 Tito Pagán
7/16 『GDC 2001 Interview: Paul Jaquays』 John McLean-Foreman
7/25 『Interview with American McGee』 John McLean-Foreman
8/1 『Postmortem: Lucas Arts’ Star Wars Starfighter』 Chris Corry
8/8 『 My “Next” Games: Families, Psychology, and Murder』 Ernest Adams
9/14 『Adapting the Tools of Drama』 Randy Littlejohn
9/17 『Designing Mobile Games For WAP』 Lasse Seppanen
9/17 『Creating Games using J2ME』 David Fox
10/17 『Keeping the Pirates at Bay』 Gavin Dodd
10/19 『The Day the “Fun” Became Real 』 Ernest Adams
10/26 『Postmortem: Startopia』 Wayne Imlach
11/16 『Temptation and Consequence: Dilemmas in Videogames』 Steve Bocska
11/19 『Building Character: An Analysis of Character Creation』 Steve Meretzky
11/19 『The Basics of Designing and Creating Low Polygon Models』 Chad Walker
11/28 『Conceptual Design: Understanding and Communicating Form』 Phil Saunders
12/1 『What I Did During My Summer Vacation: Developing a Game in 13 Weeks』 Roger Pedersen


1/11 『Music from Myst III: Exile – The Evolution of a Videogame Soundtrack』 Jack Wall
2/6 『The Psychology of Choice』 John Hopson
2/8 『Bad Game Designer, No Twinkie! III』 Ernest Adams
3/13 『The Case For Game Design Patterns』 Bernd Kreimeier
3/15 『Game Design: Secrets of the Sages — Creating Characters, Storyboarding, and Design Documents』 Marc Saltzman
3/21 『Beyond Psychological Theory: Getting Data that Improves Games』 Bill Fulton
3/23 『May Time Be With You: Level Designing Rogue Leader』 Albert Chen, Chris Klie
4/2 『Better Game Design Through Cutscenes』 Hugh Hancock
4/12 『Lost Along The Way: Design Pitfalls on the Road from Concept to Completion』 Rob Irving
4/17 『GDC 2002: Manhattan as Muse: New York City as a Conceptual Tool』 Duncan Brown
4/24 『GDC 2002: Social Activities: Implementing Wittgenstein』 Richard Evans
5/1 『Postmortem: Factor 5’s Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II』 Thomas Engel
5/8 『GDC 2002: Realistic Level Design in Max Payne』 Aki Maatta
5/31 『Technology Inspires Creativity: Indie Game Jam Inverts Dogma 2001!』 Ernest Adams
6/5 『From Casual to Core: A Statistical Mechanism for Studying Gamer Dedication』 Barry Ip, Ernest Adams
7/10 『Postmortem: Naughty Dog’s Jak and Daxter: the Precursor Legacy』 Stephen White
7/15 『Game Development Salary Survey 2002』 Jennifer Olsen
7/24 『Four Ways to Use Symbols to Add Emotional Depth to Games』 David Freeman
7/26 『Designer’s Notebook: Stop Calling Games 』 Ernest Adams
8/5 『Cyberspace in the 21st Century: Part Seven, Security is Relative』 Crosbie Fitch
8/14 『Postmortem: Pixelogic’s The Italian Job』 John Li
8/30 『Postmortem: Ubi Soft China’s Music Up — Summer Rainbow』 Deng Yi Wen
9/13 『Reflections from GDC Europe: It’s A Complex (Game) World』 Daniel Sanchez-Crespo Dalmau
9/16 『Implementing Stories in Massively Multiplayer Games』 Chris Klug
9/16 『Creating Effective Groups and Group Roles in MMP Games』 Michael Sellers
10/9 『Designer’s Notebook: The Role of Architecture in Videogames』 Ernest Adams
10/18 『Track and Field Game Mechanics』 Anders Hansson
11/8 『The Designer’s Notebook Turns Five: A Look Back』 Ernest Adams
12/4 『Postmortem: Bioware’s Neverwinter Nights』 Scott Greig,et al
12/6 『Designing and Integrating Puzzles in Action-Adventure Games』 Pascal Luban
12/18 『Postmortem: Gas Powered Games’ Dungeon Siege』 Bartosz Kijanka


1/21 『What a Designers Should Know About Physics』 Fred Marcus
1/27 『The Designer’s Notebook: What Kind of Designer Are You?』 Ernest Adams
3/3 『Game Design Methods: A 2003 Survey』 Bernd Kreimeier
3/8 『Designing Original Games Based On Licensed Properties』 Chris Charla
3/8 『34 Ways to Put Emotions Into Games』 Brad Kane
3/28 『Developing Online Console Games』 Pete Isensee, Steve Ganem
4/1 『Designer’s Notebook: More Sex(es) in Computer Games』 Ernest Adams
4/11 『Structuring Key Design Elements』 Erik Bethke
4/30 『The Designer’s Notebook: Defining The Physical Dimension of a Game Setting』 Ernest Adams
5/23 『The Designer’s Notebook: Bad Game Designer, No Twinkie! IV』 Ernest Adams
6/3 『An Architect’s Perspective On Level Design Pre-Production』 Michael Stuart Licht
6/5 『An Interview With Chris Crawford』 Simon Carless
6/11 『Applying Risk Analysis To Play-Balance RPGs』 Adam Carpenter
7/2 『The Designer’s Notebook: In The Beginning Was The Word』 Ernest Adams
8/6 『The Designer’s Notebook: Tuning Puzzle Games for Non-Puzzle Gamers』 Ernest Adams
8/8 『Marc Laidlaw On Story And Narrative』 Simon Carless
8/15 『Better Game Design Through Data Mining』 David Kennerly
8/27 『The Designer’s Notebook: Not Just Rappers and Athletes: Minorities in Videogames』 Ernest Adams
9/19 『The Birth Of The Mobile MMOG』 Tommy Palm
10/3 『Game Taxonomies: A High Level Framework for Game Analysis and Design』 Craig Lindley
10/15 『Event Wrap-Up: Tokyo Game Show 2003』 Justin Hall
10/22 『The Designer’s Notebook: Hardware Designers – Talk To Us!』 Ernest Adams
10/29 『Agitating For Dramatic Change』 Randy Littlejohn
11/5 『A Television Production Model For MMORPGs?』 Chris Klug
11/26 『Interview: Bruce Shelley – The Mythology Of Empires』 Simon Carless
12/2 『The Designer’s Notebook: Inside a Game Design Company』 Ernest Adams
12/3 『Personality Parameters: Flexibly and Extensibly Providing a Variety of AI Opponents’ Behaviors』 Paul Tapper
12/24 『Postmortem: Eutechnyx’ Big Mutha Truckers』 Paul Jobling


2/10 『Game Development Salary Survey 2003』 Jennifer Olsen
2/20 『Random Thoughts on Mobile Games』 Ernest Adams
3/10 『Improving Player Choices』 Chris Swain, Steve Hoffman, Tracy Fullerton
3/12 『Manager In A Strange Land: The Czar Chart』 Jamie Fristrom
3/16 『Book Review: Chris Crawford On Game Design』 Justin Lloyd
3/24 『Learning by Design: Games as Learning Machines』 James Paul Gee
3/25 『The Full Spectrum Warrior Camera System』 John Giors
3/26 『Cross-Platform User Interface Development』 Tim Stellmach, Rob Caminos
3/30 『Book Review: Andrew Rollings and Ernest Adams on Game Design』 Justin Lloyd
4/2 『The Designer’s Notebook: The Best of the Game Design Workshops』 Ernest Adams
4/9 『Manager In A Strange Land: Better Communication Through Software』 Jamie Fristrom
5/5 『Indie Game Jam 2004: Fun and Frustration in Physics』 Justin Hall
5/10 『Designer’s Notebook: Designing with Gameplay Modes and Flowboards』 Ernest Adams
6/9 『Postmortem: The Game Design of Surreal’s The Suffering』 Richard Rouse III
6/11 『The Designer’s Notebook: Bad Game Designer, No Twinkie! V』 Ernest Adams
6/18 『Alternative Game Controllers』 Justin Lloyd
7/7 『Doing Mushrooms, Miyamoto-Style (Special Edition)』 Jamil Moledina
7/9 『The Designer’s Notebook: Postmodernism and the 3 Types of Immersion』 Ernest Adams
7/14 『First-Person Control Design for Dual Analog Stick Controllers』 Kevin Ng
8/6 『The Designer’s Notebook: Kicking Butt by the Numbers: Lanchester’s Laws』 Ernest Adams
8/18 『Book Review: Creating Emotion in Games』 Brad Kane
9/3 『Manhunt to Mortal Kombat: The Use and Future Use of Violence in Games』 Steven L. Kent
9/15 『The Designer’s Notebook: A Perfect Short Game』 Ernest Adams
9/23 『Aviators, Moguls, Fashionistas and Barons: Economics and Ownership in Second Life』 Cory Ondrejka
9/24 『Weaving the Threads: Storytelling in City Of Heroes』 Sean Fish
10/18 『The Designer’s Notebook: The Perils of Bottom-up Game Design』 Ernest Adams
10/22 『Tokyo Game Show: Developer Conversations』 Brandon Sheffield
10/29 『The New Studio Model』 Stuart Roch
11/1 『Game Design: Theory & Practice Second Edition: ‘Not All Game Design Documents Are Created Equal’』 Richard Rouse III
11/3 『Soapbox: Why Virtual Worlds are Designed By Newbies – No, Really!』 Richard Bartle
11/10 『Natural Funativity』 Noah Falstein
11/12 『Funny, Me? On Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude and the Search For Humor in Gaming』 Ed Kuehnel
11/15 『The Designer’s Notebook: Dramatic Novelty in Games and Stories』 Ernest Adams
11/16 『Soapbox: Has Mobile Game Innovation Ended Already?』 Greg Costikyan
11/17 『WayForward To The Handheld Future: Shantae’s Creators Talk GBA, PSP, DS, and Beyond』 Brandon Sheffield
11/23 『The State Of Church: Doug Church on the Death of PC Gaming and the Future of Defining Gameplay』 Justin Hall
12/1 『Fluttering Off the Beaten Path – Cecropia Tries Game, 2D Animation ‘Interactive Film’ Hybrid』 Brandon Sheffield, Simon Carless
12/3 『Book Excerpt: ‘A Theory Of Game Design’ – What Games Aren’t』 Raph Koster
12/8 『Hey Bro – It’s All Relative! – The Theory of Game Relativity』 Tyler Sigman
12/20 『Wrap-Up: The 2004 Australian Game Developers Conference』 Evan Shamoon
12/22 『The Designer’s Notebook: How Many Endings Does a Game Need?』 Ernest Adams
12/24 『Game Design: Theory & Practice Second Edition: ‘Interview with Jordan Mechner’ 』 Richard Rouse III
12/27 『Ethics Of Game Design』 Dean Takahashi
12/29 『Soapbox: Technoholism – A 12-step Recovery Plan』 Tadhg Kelly


1/7 『Interview: Going Handheld, Living Vicariously』 Brandon Sheffield
1/13 『Back To The Classics: Perfecting The Emulation For Digital Eclipse’s Atari Anthology』 Jeff Vavasour
1/19 『Shaping Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 for the Younger Market』 Lindsay Parmenter
1/26 『The Designer’s Notebook: Educational Games Don’t Have to Stink!』 Ernest Adams
2/7 『Question Of The Week Responses: 2004’s Most Creative Games』 Simon Carless
2/11 『Soapbox: Warning – Playing Video Games May Pose a Serious Risk to Your Health』 Ernie Medina
2/16 『Interview: Breaking the Waves – Doug Whatley and BreakAway Games Get Serious』 Brandon Sheffield
2/28 『Question Of The Week Responses: Moral Responsibilities of Game Creators』 Quang Hong
3/2 『IGF 2005: Student Showcase Finalists Preview』 Gregory Micek, Russell Carroll
3/4 『Difficult Questions About Videogames: How Can You Tell if a Videogame is Rubbish?』 Iain Simons, James Newman
3/7 『Postcard from GDC 2005: Serious Games Summit: Advergaming for Private and Public Interests』 Nich Maragos
3/7 『Postcard from GDC 2005: Serious Games Summit Keynote – Raph Koster – A Theory of Fun』 Vincent Diamante
3/8 『Postcard from GDC Mobile 2005: Academic Experts on Mobile Game Design』 Nich Maragos
3/8 『Postcard from GDC Mobile 2005: Final Fantasy for Mobile: A Case Study』 Vincent Diamante
3/9 『Postcard from GDC 2005: SGS – Playing Games with Jim: Demonstrating the Important Learning Found in COTS Games』 Brandon Sheffield
3/9 『Postcard from GDC 2005: Gameplay Moves Forward into the 21st Century』 Brad Kane
3/10 『Postcard from GDC 2005: Interactive Narratives Revisited: Ten Years of Research』 Frank Cifaldi
3/10 『GDC 2005 Proceeding: Online Game Architecture: Back-end Strategies』 Dan Esbensen
3/11 『Postcard from GDC 2005: Hal Barwood on Integrating Narrative into Play』 Daniel Sanchez-Crespo Dalmau
3/11 『Postcard from GDC 2005: Rolling the Dice: The Risks and Rewards of Developing Katamari Damacy』 Brandon Sheffield
3/11 『Postcard From GDC 2005: Why Isn’t the Game Industry Making Interactive Stories?』 Vincent Diamante
3/11 『Postcard from GDC 2005: The International Game Designers Panel』 Brad Kane
3/11 『Postcard from GDC 2005: Lessons from Viewtiful Joe: Making a Creatively and Financially Successful New Game』 Brandon Sheffield
3/11 『Postcard from GDC 2005: Designing the AAA Title: Letters from the Trenches』 Daniel Sanchez-Crespo Dalmau
3/15 『GDC 2005 Report: The Future of Content』 Vincent Diamante
3/16 『Question of the Week Responses: Technical Innovations in Next Generation Consoles』 Quang Hong
3/17 『GDC 2005 Report: Storytelling Across Genres: BioWare’s Perspective』 Daniel Sanchez-Crespo Dalmau
3/21 『Decision-based Gameplay Design』 Tynan Sylvester
3/25 『Day in the Life: Steve Ince, Freelance Writer-Designer』 Steve Ince
3/30 『Social Game, not Social Life? ArenaNet on Guild Wars and the “Casual” MMORPG』 Kieron Gillen
4/1 『The Designer’s Notebook: The Act – Emotion Control with Single-Knob Gameplay』 Ernest Adams
4/5 『Soapbox: Learning to Play to Learn – Lessons in Educational Game Design』 Eric Zimmerman, Nick Fortugno
4/12 『Interview: Frugal Fragging with .kkrieger』 Howard Wen
4/15 『Question of the Week Responses: Genre-defining Games』 Quang Hong
4/18 『Book Review: Chris Crawford on Interactive Storytelling』 Brad Kane
4/19 『RetroRedux: The 24 Hour Game Design Jam』 Matthew Hawkins
4/21 『Postmortem: Myst IV – Revelation』 Genevieve Lord
4/22 『Interview: Call of the Wild – Turbine’s Jessica Mulligan on MMO Trends』 Michael Zenke
4/25 『Question of the Week Responses: E3 Excitement』 Quang Hong
4/26 『The Psychology Behind Games』 Anders Hejdenberg
4/28 『Improving the Combat ‘Impact’ Of Action Games』 Jiesang Song
4/29 『The Designer’s Notebook: A Few Remarks on Creative Play』 Ernest Adams
5/2 『Making a Case for Short Games』 Rich Carlson
5/5 『Mobile Postmortem: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure』 Phil Marley
5/6 『Go To Synesthesia… Jake Kazdal’s Journey Through The Heart Of Rez』 Matthew Hawkins
5/12 『Measurement Techniques For Game Designers』 Ben Cousins
5/13 『Question of the Week Responses: Unsung Heroes』 Quang Hong
5/18 『E3 Report: Education Arcade – Case Studies: Civilization』 Frank Cifaldi
5/19 『E3 Report: Sneak Peeks – The Godfather, Peter Jackson’s King Kong and The Sequel To The Call Of Duty』 Frank Cifaldi
5/20 『E3 Report: The Path to Creating AAA Games』 Frank Cifaldi
5/26 『E3 Report: Developing Better Characters, Better Stories』 Frank Cifaldi
6/2 『One Button Games』 Berbank Green
6/3 『The Designer’s Notebook: Bad Game Designer, No Twinkie! VI』 Ernest Adams
6/7 『Illustrator-to-Maya: How to Design and Build the Perfect Level』 Chad Steingraber
6/10 『Indie Postmortem: Mind Control’s Oasis』 Andrew Leker
6/16 『A Man For All Seasons: gameLab’s Eric Zimmerman Talks Design, Trends, and the Big Apple』 Matthew Hawkins
6/17 『Into the Woods: A Practical Guide to the Hero’s Journey』 Bob Bates
6/24 『Indie Postmortem: Large Animal’s RocketBowl』 Wade Tinney
6/27 『Event Wrap-Up: DiGRA 2005』 Ren Reynolds
6/28 『The Designer’s Notebook: A Letter from the Cockpit』 Ernest Adams
6/30 『Interview: Ritual’s Robert Atkins on Console Life, PC Death』 Howard Wen
7/1 『Question of the Week Responses: The MMO Goes ‘Mainstream’?』 Quang Hong
7/5 『Interview: Rodney Greenblat, The Mother Of Sony’s Almost Mario』 Matthew Hawkins
7/6 『Improving Game Accessibility』 Kevin Bierre
7/7 『Soapbox: Active Storytelling in Games』 Rafael Chandler
7/11 『Putting Together a Compelling Resume and Demo』 Robin McShaffry
7/13 『Event Wrap-Up: Playing On The Boundaries ? NTI*』 Jon Jordan
7/15 『Day In The Life: Bruno Valenti, Mobile Game Designer』 Bruno Valenti
7/22 『Event Wrap-Up: Comic-Con International 2005, San Diego』 Frank Cifaldi
7/26 『Interview: Silicon Knights’ Denis Dyack Goes 360』 Chris Kohler
7/27 『What Every Game Developer Needs to Know about Story』 John Sutherland
7/28 『The Designer’s Notebook: You Must Play Facade, Now!』 Ernest Adams
8/3 『Postcard from the 2005 Casual Games Conference』 Wade Tinney
8/4 『Book Review: Real-Time Cinematography for Games』 Brad Kane
8/5 『Question of the Week Responses: Coin-Op Favorites』 Quang Hong
8/9 『Soapbox: Difficulty and the Interstitial Gamer』 Michael Eilers
8/10 『It Builds Character: Character Development Techniques in Games』 Rafael Chandler
8/15 『Whip Smart: Konami’s Koji Igarashi On Mastering Castlevania』 Brandon Sheffield
8/16 『Day in the Life: Coray Seifert, Producer and Designer, Large Animal Games』 Coray Seifert
8/17 『Question of the Week Responses: Industry Starts?』 Quang Hong
8/18 『Soapbox: Making Learning Fun』 Clark Quinn
8/19 『Postcard from Siggraph 2005: Beyond the Gamepad』 Brad Kane
8/22 『Postcard From The 2005 Edinburgh Interactive Entertainment Festival』 Ren Reynolds
8/25 『Silence Is Golden: Takayoshi Sato’s Occidental Journey』 Brandon Sheffield
8/26 『The Designer’s Notebook: The Bill of Players’ Rights』 Ernest Adams
8/31 『Postcard From GDC Europe 2005: Keynote Q&A on the Future of Games』 Simon Carless
8/31 『Postcard from GDC Europe 2005: PSP 2005 Overview』 David Jenkins
8/31 『Postcard from GDC Europe 2005: Integrating Xbox 360-Specific Features Into Games』 Simon Carless
9/1 『Postcard from GDC Europe 2005: Game Design Mash-Up』 Iain Simons
9/2 『Postcard from GDC Europe 2005: Seeing What Sticks: Developing a Katamari Sequel』 Kieron Gillen
9/2 『Postcard from GDC Europe 2005: SingStar – That’s Entertainment』 Simon Carless
9/6 『Postcard from GDC Europe 2005: The First Generation of The Next Generation: A Project Gotham Racing 3 Postmortem』 Kieron Gillen
9/7 『Postcard from GDC Europe 2005: Postmortem: SCEE’s WipEout Pure』 Iain Simons
9/7 『Postcard from GDC Europe 2005: Postmortem: SCEE’s WipEout Pure』 Iain Simons
9/8 『Postcard from GDC Europe 2005: Black and White 2: How to Design a Giant』 Ren Reynolds
9/12 『Day in the Life: Phillip Bossant, Executive Producer and Art Director』 Phillip Bossant
9/21 『Book Review: Introduction to Game Development』 Brad Kane
9/26 『The Road to the IGF: Mind Control Software』 Tim Turner
9/28 『Question of the Week Responses: Controller Revolution?』 Quang Hong
9/29 『Wideload Games’ Alexander Seropian on Outsourcing for the Living Dead』 Howard Wen
10/3 『Designer’s Notebook: The Unique Design Challenge of Pinball Simulations』 Ernest Adams
10/4 『Style and Substance in Game Design』 Tynan Sylvester
10/5 『Soapbox: Pirated P2P Games: Free Electronic Distribution for Independent Studios』 Adam Martin
10/12 『Tokyo Game Show Conversations: Bandai’s Makoto Iwai』 Brandon Sheffield
10/13 『Event Wrap Up – IndieGames Conference』 Beth A. Dillon
10/17 『Interview – From Outsider To Elite: In Conversation With David Braben』 Jill Duffy
10/18 『Event Wrap Up: 2005 Indie Games Conference: Casual Games』 Beth A. Dillon
10/19 『Proof of Learning: Assessment in Serious Games』 David Michael, Sande Chen
10/20 『Event Wrap Up – State of Play III』 Ren Reynolds
10/21 『Gearing Up for Next-Gen: Cliff Bleszinski Chats About The Epic Future』 Brandon Sheffield
10/28 『Event Wrap Up: 2005 Nokia Games Summit』 Iain Simons
10/28 『Event Wrap Up: Second Annual Games for Change Conference』 Rusel DeMaria
10/31 『Postcard from SGS 2005: What’s So Serious About Game Design?』 Simon Carless
10/31 『Book Excerpt : Serious Games: Games That Educate, Train, and Inform – Games for Physical and Mental Health』 David Michael, Sande Chen
10/31 『Postcard From SGS 2005: Wargaming Science』 Simon Carless
11/1 『Postcard From SGS 2005: Computer Gaming to Enhance Computer Science Curriculum』 Simon Carless
11/1 『Postcard From SGS 2005: Riding the Cutting Edge of Distributed Intelligence』 Simon Carless
11/2 『Postcard From SGS 2005: Hazmat: Hotzone – First-Person First Responder Gaming』 Simon Carless
11/2 『Postcard From SGS 2005: Inside The Institute for Creative Technologies』 Simon Carless
11/3 『Postcard from SGS 2005: Healthcare and Forestry ? Half-Life 2: Meet Serious Games Modding』 Rusel DeMaria
11/4 『Postcard From The Serious Games Summit: How the United Nations Fights Hunger with Food Force』 Rusel DeMaria
11/4 『Postcard From The Montreal Game Summit: Call Of Duty 2 Postmortem』 Jill Duffy
11/7 『Koei Goes Canuck: On Koei Canada’s Expansionary Aims』 Mathew Kumar
11/9 『Postcards from the 2005 Austin Game Conference』 Andrew Walsh, Jill Duffy, Beth A. Dillon
11/14 『Question of the Week Responses: Underrated Games?』 Quang Hong
11/15 『Interview: Developing Sex in Games』 Bonnie Ruberg
11/16 『Event Wrap Up: 2005 Future Play Conference』 Scott Brodie
11/17 『Play More With SNK: Kimura, Falcoon On SNK’s Return』 Brandon Sheffield
11/18 『Organizing And Formatting Game Dialogue』 Rafael Chandler
11/21 『A Game Developers’ Bill of Rights』 Eric Zimmerman
11/22 『Hot Coffee, Lawsuits And You: IEMA’s Hal Halpin On The Retail Struggle』 Frank Cifaldi
11/24 『Day in the Life: Andy Thomason, Games Technology Researcher and Writer』 Andy Thomason
11/25 『Postcard: How To Manage A Large-Scale Online Gaming Community』 Jill Duffy
11/28 『Designer’s Notebook: The End Of Copyright』 Ernest Adams
11/29 『Soapbox: ARGs and How to Appeal to Female Gamers』 Andrea Phillips
12/6 『Rag Doll Development ? An Interview With Rag Doll Kung Fu‘s Mark Healey』 Patrick Dugan
12/8 『Designer Suits: Incorporating Marketing into Game Development』 James C. Smith, Andy Schatz
12/12 『Worlds Are Colliding!: The Convergence of Film and Games』 Eric-Jon Waugh
12/12 『Soapbox: The Santa-Incident – The Root of the Game Industry’s Creative Crisis』 Edvard Toth
12/14 『Popping In On PopCap: James Gwertzman On Casual Growth』 Frank Cifaldi
12/22 『Question of the Week Responses: HD Video Games?』 Quang Hong
12/26 『Event Wrap-Up: Deathmatch In The Stacks』 Matthew Hawkins

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