Gamasutra ゲームデザイン記事リスト2(2006-2008)


1/5 『Road To The IGF: Grubby Games’ Ryan Clark (Professor Fizzwizzle)』 Simon Carless
1/6 『Bonnie’s Bookstore: From Conception to Completion』 Phil Steinmeyer
1/11 『Question of the Year: Top 3 Games Of 2005?』 Quang Hong
1/12 『Book Excerpt: Patterns in Game Design: Using Design Patterns』 Jussi Holopainen, Staffan Bjork
1/13 『Battle for Console-Earth: Louis Castle on Developing RTS Games for Xbox 360』 Frank Cifaldi
1/16 『The Challenge of Sex: The Sex in Games Design Challenge』 Bonnie Ruberg
1/17 『Road To The IGF: Pocketwatch Games’ Andy Schatz 』 Simon Carless
1/18 『CES 2006 Panel: Making The Best Game Franchise Cross-Overs』 Frank Cifaldi
1/20 『Wrap-Up: 2006 Consumer Electronics Show』 Frank Cifaldi
1/20 『Road To The IGF: Joe Bourrie & Patrick Hackett (Rumble Box)』 Simon Carless
1/23 『How to Pick Up Women: LimeLife’s Kristin McDonnell on Female Gamers』 Frank Cifaldi
1/24 『Road To The IGF: Justin Mette, 21-6 Productions (Tube Twist)』 Simon Carless
1/25 『Truth Versus Fiction: City of Heroes Creator Rick Dakan on Leaving and Entering the Games Biz』 Frank Cifaldi
1/27 『The Future Of Mobile Games – CES Panelists On Mobile Opportunities』 Frank Cifaldi
1/30 『Road To The IGF: Rabidlab’s Jake Grandchamp (Dodge That Anvil!)』 Simon Carless
1/30 『The Designer’s Notebook: Multi-level Gameplay』 Ernest Adams
2/2 『Soapbox: Designing an MMORPG Feedback Rating System』 David Edery
2/2 『IGF Student Showcase Q&A: Cloud Team (Cloud)』 the Cloud Team
2/3 『Off With Their HUDs!: Rethinking the Heads-Up Display in Console Game Design』 Greg Wilson
2/6 『Road To The IGF: Keith Nemitz, Mousechief (The Witch’s Yarn)』 Simon Carless
2/8 『Soapbox : As Time Goes By – MMORPG Dynamic Lifestyle Adjustment』 David Langendoen
2/9 『DICE Feature: ‘Garriott Vs. Garriott: From Origin To NCSoft’』 N. Evan Van Zelfden
2/10 『DICE Feature: ‘The Search For Perfection: David Jaffe Goes To War’』 Frank Cifaldi
2/13 『DICE Feature: ‘The Battle Of Bunker Hill’: Celebrity Designers Get Fingers On Buzzers’』 Frank Cifaldi
2/14 『DICE Feature: ‘Climbing The Colossus: Ueda, Kaido On Creating Cult Classics’』 Frank Cifaldi
2/15 『Question of the Week Responses: Controller Revolution?』 Quang Hong
2/16 『Anticipatory AI and Compelling Characters』 Bruce Blumberg
2/22 『Soapbox: World of Warcraft Teaches the Wrong Things』 David Sirlin
2/23 『Road To The IGF: Suzanne Brooks, Black Mountain Games (Putt Nutz)』 Quang Hong
2/24 『Telltale Games: Bringing Great Stories to Life』 Eric-Jon Waugh
2/27 『Hot off the Grill: la Molleindustria’s Paolo Pedercini on The McDonald’s Video Game』 Patrick Dugan
2/27 『Soapbox Responses: ‘World Of Warcraft Teaches The Wrong Things’』 Quang Hong
3/4 『Road To The IGF: Sune Nielsen, Oddlabs (Tribal Trouble)』 Frank Cifaldi
3/6 『Event Wrap Up: Games for Women, Games by Women』 Jill Duffy
3/7 『Bite-Sized Pieces of Mobile Fun: I-Play CEO David Gosen on Mobile Game Design』 Frank Cifaldi
3/8 『Road To The IGF: Rich Carlson, Digital Eel (Weird Worlds)』 Quang Hong
3/9 『Road to the IGF: SMERC (Moleculous)』 Quang Hong
3/13 『But Seriously Folks: Austin Game Developers Panel』 John Henderson
3/14 『2006 IGF Student Showcase Q&A: Nuclear Monkey Software (Narbacular Drop)』 Quang Hong
3/14 『Schadenfreudian Slips Postmortem: A Tight Squeeze: The Making Of Accordion Hero』 a target=”_blank” href=””>Schadenfreude Interactive
3/15 『Road to the IGF: Ominous Development (Strange Attractors)』 Quang Hong
3/15 『From Paris with Love: de Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres』 Francois Bliss de la Boissiere
3/16 『SXSW: Counter-intuitive Creative Design with Harvey Smith』 N. Evan Van Zelfden
3/16 『2006 IGF Student Showcase Q&A: The Yakuza (OrBlitz)』 Quang Hong
3/17 『SXSW: My Blue World: Game Experts Give Red Light Talk』 N. Evan Van Zelfden
3/20 『Serious Games Summit Keynote: You Can (Not) Be Serious』 Simon Carless
3/20 『2006 IGF Student Showcase Q&A: Kim Jong Hwa (Palette)』 Quang Hong
3/20 『GDC: Dashing for Independence: Gamelab CEO Eric Zimmerman on the Importance of Self-Publishing』 Frank Cifaldi
3/20 『Pre-GDC: amBX – Rumble in the Sofa』 Iain Simons
3/21 『GDC Tutorial: Emotion Boot Camp: Putting More Emotion Into Play』 Christopher Woodard
3/21 『GDC: Serious Games Summit Keynote: ‘A New Kind Of Game’』 Simon Carless
3/22 『GDC: Casual Games Summit 2006: An Existential Panel』 Eric-Jon Waugh
3/22 『GDC: Success Factors of One-Button Casual Mobile Games』 Brandon Sheffield
3/22 『GDC: Casual Games Summit 2006: An Introduction to Casual Games』 Eric-Jon Waugh
3/22 『GDC: Serious Games Summit: Behind the Game: ‘What’s Wrong With Serious Games?’』 Beth A. Dillon
3/23 『GDC: Designing Tabula Rasa: Lessons From the World of MMOs』 Dan Huebner
3/23 『GDC: Rules Worth Breaking』 Jill Duffy
3/23 『GDC Keynote: Building a Better Battlestar』 Christopher Woodard
3/23 『GDC: “What’s Next?” Panel』 Eric-Jon Waugh
3/24 『GDC: Creating a Global MMO: Balancing Cultures and Platforms in Final Fantasy XI』 Christopher Woodard
3/24 『GDC: The Game Design Challenge: The Nobel Peace Prize』 Vincent Diamante
3/24 『GDC: What’s Next in Content Keynote – Will Wright says, ‘Greetings Earthings!’』 Daniel Sanchez-Crespo Dalmau
3/24 『GDC: All About Ninety-Nine Nights: Next-Gen Character Design』 Frank Cifaldi
3/27 『GDC: God of War: How the Left and Right Brain Learned to Love One Another』 Christopher Woodard
3/28 『Post-GDC: Defining The Assassin』 Vincent Diamante
3/29 『Post-GDC: Physical Gameplay in Half-Life 2』 Daniel Sanchez-Crespo Dalmau
3/29 『Post-GDC: Spore: Pre-Production Through Prototyping』 Eric-Jon Waugh
3/29 『A Meeting Of Minds: BioWare & Pandemic’s Story So Far』 Brandon Sheffield
3/30 『GDC: Experimental Gameplay Workshop 2006』 Eric-Jon Waugh
3/30 『GDC: Top 10 Video Game Research Findings』 Jill Duffy
3/31 『GDC: Is That a Franchise in Your Pocket? An Animal Crossing: Wild World Case Study』 Brandon Sheffield
4/3 『The Second Longest Journey: Interview with Ragnar Tornquist』 Christopher Woodard
4/4 『Another 24 Hours? The Mobile Game Mosh』 Matthew Hawkins
4/5 『Postmortem: Stardock’s Galactic Civilizations 2: Dread Lords』 Brad Wardell
4/6 『Book Excerpt: Game Design Complete: Advergaming and Sponsorships』 Patrick O’Luanaigh
4/18 『Question of the Week Responses: Best of GDC 2006』 Quang Hong
4/20 『The Connection is Made: Developer Highlights from Game Connection 2006 (Part Two)』 Frank Cifaldi
4/21 『Designer’s Notebook: Cheer Up! Video Games are in Great Shape』 Ernest Adams
4/24 『Interview: ‘The Father of Home Video Games’: Ralph Baer』 Matthew Hawkins
4/25 『Into The Transmission: Randy Pitchford On Gearbox’s Ethos, History, Future』 Kevin Watford
4/26 『Techniques of Written Storytelling Applied to Game Design』 Jeff Noyle
4/27 『Q&A: EA’s John Schappert on Madden for Nintendo Revolution』 Frank Cifaldi
4/28 『Game Law: Everybody Conga?』 Tom Buscaglia
4/29 『Educational Feature: A History and Analysis of Level Design in 3D Computer Games – Pt. 2』 Sam Shahrani
5/1 『Wii Reactions: Developers Comment』 Brandon Sheffield
5/5 『Postmortem: Klei Entertainment’s Eets: Hunger. It’s emotional.』 Jamie Cheng
5/8 『Crossing into the Mainstream: Katsuya Eguchi on Animal Crossing』 Brandon Sheffield
5/16 『Reflections On Reflexive: Wik‘s Creators Speak』 Simon Carless
5/18 『Event Wrap-Up: Girls ‘N Games 2006』 Beth A. Dillon
5/22 『Interview: EALA’s Neil Young on Emotion, IP, and Overtime』 Brandon Sheffield
5/23 『Career Advice: Creating Your Demo』 Marc Mencher
5/25 『Indie Postmortem: Gibbage』 Dan Marshall
5/25 『Interview: Namco’s Keita Takahashi On Playgrounds, Haircuts, and Space Aliens』 Brandon Sheffield
5/26 『Schadenfreudian Slips: Waiting For Hasselhoff』 Schadenfreude Interactive
5/30 『Wedgies, Not Bullets: Leisure Suit Larry Creator Al Lowe on Comedic Design』 Chase Murdey
6/1 『The Designer’s Notebook: Introducing Ken Perlin’s Law』 Ernest Adams
6/1 『Killer Contact: A Chat with Grasshopper Manufacture’s Suda51』 Brandon Sheffield
6/2 『Book Excerpt: ‘Better Game Characters By Design’』 Katherine Isbister
6/5 『TT Games: Immersed in Toys』 Jim Rossignol
6/9 『Soapbox: Pale-Faced, Geeky and Greasy-Haired Boy Gamers』 Yasmin Kafai
6/12 『Video Games are Dead: A Chat with Storytronics Guru Chris Crawford』 Chase Murdey
6/13 『Sex in Games Conference: Organizer Brenda Brathwaite’s Opening Keynote』 Ren Reynolds
6/19 『Indie Postmortem: Armadillo Run』 Peter Stock
6/20 『Postmortem: Indigo Prophecy』 David Cage
6/22 『Book Excerpt: 3D Game Textures: Create Professional Game Art Using Photoshop』 Luke Ahearn
6/22 『Question of the Week Responses: Is Crawford Right?』 Quang Hong
6/26 『Tour of Chicago – Pt. 2: Wideload Games』 N. Evan Van Zelfden
6/28 『Paper Burns: Game Design With Agile Methodologies』 Rory McGuire
6/29 『Myst Will Persist: How Uru Got Its Groove Back』 Alex Handy
6/30 『The Grumpy Gamer Speaks: Ron Gilbert On His Post-Guybrush Universe』 Chase Murdey
7/4 『Sex in Video Games Conference: Sex, Ethics, and Video Games』 Ren Reynolds
7/6 『Event Wrap-Up: Casuality Seattle』 Beth A. Dillon
7/7 『Postmortem: Digital Chocolate’s Tower Bloxx』 Jeferson Valadares, Mikko Kodisoja
7/10 『The Designer’s Notebook: ‘Bad Game Designer, No Twinkie!’ VII』 Ernest Adams
7/14 『Constraint is Design: Katherine Isbister and Nicole Lazzaro on Intimate Relations』 Patrick Dugan
7/20 『Age of Titans: Brian Sullivan’s Latest Adventures』 Chase Murdey
7/26 『Telltale Tells All (Pt. 1) – An Interview with Dave Grossman』 Frank Cifaldi
7/28 『Q&A: Mythic’s Mark Jacobs』 Brandon Sheffield
7/31 『Telltale Tells All (Pt. 2) – Hit By the Business End of the Rabbity-Thing』 Frank Cifaldi
8/1 『Rebel, Rebel: Independents Congregate in Austin to Take On Gaming’s Mainstream』 John Henderson
8/4 『A Detailed Cross-Examination of Yesterday and Today’s Best-Selling Platform Games』 Daniel Boutros
8/7 『The Designer’s Notebook: Where’s Our Merchant Ivory?』 Ernest Adams
8/8 『Postmortem: MotoGP ’06』 David Jefferies
8/10 『Big Reality: A Chat with ‘Big Game’ Designer Frank Lantz』 Bonnie Ruberg
8/11 『Postmortem: Wideload Games’ Stubbs the Zombie』 Alexander Seropian
8/14 『Producing Silent Hill: A Chat With Konami’s William Oertel 』 Frank Cifaldi
8/17 『 The Theory of Parallel Game Universes: A Paradigm Shift in Multiplayer Gaming and Game Accessibility 』 Dimitris Grammenos
8/18 『 An Update on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Live Vision Camera Technology 』 Frank Cifaldi
8/21 『 Nobody Beats the Miz: Q Entertainment’s Tetsuya Mizuguchi on Name Recognition 』 Brandon Sheffield
8/22 『Addiction and the Structural Characteristics of Massively Multiplayer Online Games 』 Neils Clark
8/23 『Too Many Clicks! Unit-Based Interfaces Considered Harmful 』 Phil Goetz
8/24 『Book Excerpt and Review – Game Writing: Narrative Skills for Videogames 』 Richard Dansky, Brad Kane
8/29 『Democracy Now: An Interview with Torque X Developer GarageGames 』 Jason McMaster
9/1 『The Gamasutra Quantum Leap Awards: First-Person Shooters 』 Frank Cifaldi
9/7 『Book Excerpt – Playing to Win: Becoming the Champion 』 David Sirlin
9/8 『Postmortem: Gamevil’s Nom 2』 Bong Koo Shin
9/14 『First-Person Advertiser – Talking In-Game Ads With Threewave Software 』 Mathew Kumar
9/15 『Unnatural Disasters: Designer American McGee On Creative Outsourcing 』 Chase Murdey
9/18 『Worthy of Acclaim: Why David Perry Left Shiny to Go to the Moon 』 Howard Wen
9/25 『The Design Challenge: Harvey Smith On Gaming With A Social Change 』 Brandon Boyer
9/26 『“Are There Any Jews in the Audience?” – IGDA’s Demo Night 4』 Matthew Hawkins
9/28 『Modeling Opinion Flow in Humans Using Boids Algorithm & Social Network Analysis 』 Skip Cole
9/29 『The Designer’s Notebook: Revenge of the Highbrow Games 』 Ernest Adams
10/2 『 How The West Will Be Won: Michael Bayne on Bang! Howdy 』 Bonnie Ruberg
10/3 『 Creating A Post-Processing Framework:』 Marko Kylmamaa
10/4 『 Screen/Play: Technical Narrative Design 』 Rafael Chandler
10/10 『Life After Atari – What’s Next for Shiny? 』 Brandon Sheffield
10/11 『Tomb Raider and the Genre of Stealth 』 Strange Agency
10/16 『The Secret History of Lionhead: Molyneux, Webley Get Honest 』 Simon Carless
10/17 『Beyond Machinima: Rudy Poat and John Gaeta on the Future of Interactive Cinema 』 Jason McMaster
10/18 『Statistically Speaking, It’s Probably a Good Game, Part 1: Probability for Game Designers 』 Tyler Sigman
10/23 『Capcom & Clover, Over and Over: Former Clover Head Atsushi Inaba on a Post-Capcom World 』 Brandon Sheffield
10/26 『Multiplayer Level Design In-Depth, Part 1: The Specific Constraints of Multiplayer Level Design 』 Pascal Luban
10/27 『Hot Coffee’s Effects on the Mod Scene 』 Brenda Brathwaite
10/30 『Namco-Bandai on the PS3 』 Brandon Sheffield
10/31 『Being Peter Molyneux 』 Simon Carless
11/8 『Multiplayer Level Design In-Depth, Part 2: The Rules of Map Design 』 Pascal Luban
11/10 『We’re Not Listening: An Open Letter to Academic Game Researchers 』 John Hopson
11/13 『Would You Like Fries With That Game? 』 Brandon Sheffield
11/14 『Principles of Virtual Sensation 』 Steve Swink
11/15 『Master Of The Galaxy: Stardock’s Brad Wardell 』 Jason McMaster
11/20 『Learning New Moves: AiLive’s Wei Yen Teaches Wii New Tricks 』 Brandon Sheffield
11/22 『Multiplayer Level Design In-Depth, Part 3: Technical Constraints and Accessibility 』 Pascal Luban
11/28 『Gameplay Design Fundamentals: Gameplay Progression 』 Mike Lopez
11/29 『The Miller’s Tale: 3D Realms’ Scott Miller 』 Jason McMaster
12/1 『Question of the Week: Does Size Matter? 』 Frank Cifaldi
12/4 『Beyond Lineage: Jake Song Goes XL 』 John Henderson
12/6 『The Pros and Cons of Licensing 』 Scott Nixon
12/6 『Elan Lee’s Alternate Reality 』 Bonnie Ruberg
12/7 『Unified Design of Universally Accessible Games (Say What?)』 Dimitris Grammenos, Anthony Savidis
12/8 『Boy On Boy Action – Is Gay Content On the Rise? 』 Bryan Ochalla
12/12 『Book Excerpt and Review – Sex in Video Games』 Brenda Brathwaite, Brad Kane
12/15 『XNA In-Depth: Microsoft’s Dave Mitchell Answers Our Questions 』 Brandon Sheffield
12/20 『Gamasutra’s Quantum Leap Awards: Most Important Games, 2006 』 Frank Cifaldi
12/22 『The Designer’s Notebook: PS3 versus Wii – The Designer’s Perspective 』 Ernest Adams
12/28 『Mars Sucks – Can Games Fly on Google Earth? 』 Scott Crabtree, Mike MacPherson, Omar Rodriguez


1/2 『Postmortem: Blue Fang’s Zoo Tycoon 2: Marine Mania』 Linda Currie
1/3 『Why Bother With Episodic Games? 』 Rick Sanchez
1/9 『Postmortem: Intergalactic Crime Prevention Unit’s First Year』 Tim Turner
1/15 『Question Of The Week: 2007 Resolutions 』 Brandon Boyer
1/16 『Rethinking Carrots: A New Method For Measuring What Players Find Most Rewarding and Motivating About Your Game 』 Scott Rigby, Richard Ryan
1/17 『Postmortem: Naked Sky Entertainment’s RoboBlitz』 Naked Sky Entertainment
1/22 『Go With the fl0w: Jenova Chen on Console Independence』 Howard Wen
1/23 『Rock Paper Scissors – A Method for Competitive Game Play Design 』 Victor Chelaru
1/24 『Statistically Speaking, It’s Probably a Good Game, Part 2: Statistics for Game Designers』 Tyler Sigman
1/25 『Making Stories Real: A Q&A with Autodesk’s Michel Kripalani 』 Mathew Kumar
1/29 『Gamasutra Podcast Transcript – An Interview With Susan O’Connor』 Tom Kim
1/30 『Slamdance, Post-Columbine – Personal Conversations with Freaks and Geeks』 Patrick Dugan
1/31 『The Designer’s Notebook: Asymmetric Peacefare 』 Ernest Adams
2/2 『The Quantum Leap Awards: The Most Important Multiplayer Games of All Time 』 Frank Cifaldi
2/5 『Bring Out Your Dead! Can Nintendo Breathe New Life into Adventure Games?』 Scott Nixon
2/6 『Coming In from the Cold: An Interview with Red 5 CEO Mark Kern 』 Brandon Sheffield
2/7 『SOE’s Station Exchange – The Results of a Year of Trading 』 Michael Zenke
2/12 『The 10 Minutes Game Sales Potential Test 』 Pierre-Alexandre Garneau
2/15 『Losing For the Win: Defeat and Failure in Gaming 』 Ben Schneider
2/20 『Design Document: Play With Fire』 Chris Bateman
2/23 『The History of Computer Role-Playing Games Part 2: The Golden Age (1985-1993)』 Matt Barton
2/23 『The History of Computer Role-Playing Games Part 1: The Early Years (1980-1983)』 Matt Barton
3/1 『Embracing Fun: Why Extreme Programming is Great for Game Development』 Bill Schofield
3/2 『Free Agency: Opening Up the Game Developer Market 』 Michael John
3/5 『All For Games: An Interview With Warren Spector』 Brandon Sheffield
3/13 『Soapbox: Why You Owe the Columbine RPG』 Patrick Dugan
3/16 『Are Games Art? (Here We Go Again…)』 Bryan Ochalla
3/19 『At Home with Phil Harrison』 Brandon Sheffield
3/26 『Rethinking the MMO』 Neil Sorens
3/27 『Survival of the Family: The Saga of Creating and Shipping The Godfather: The Game』 Christopher Woodard
4/3 『Turning the Tables on In-Game Ad Design 』 Ian Bogost
4/4 『Llamas In Space: Catching Up with Llamasoft’s Jeff Minter 』 Brandon Sheffield
4/10 『Inside Interactive Fiction: An Interview with Emily Short 』 Jim Munroe
4/11 『The History of Computer Role-Playing Games Part III: The Platinum and Modern Ages (1994-2004) 』 Matt Barton
4/20 『Tose: Game Development Ninjas II – Battle for the West』 Brandon Sheffield
4/24 『In The Lair Of The Teutonic King – Talking Dragons, PS3 With Factor 5’s Julian Eggebrecht 』 Brandon Sheffield
4/25 『Made In Japan: Western Perspectives On Japanese Game Development 』 Ryan Winterhalter
4/27 『Postmortem – Gangs of GDC: Rumble in the Moscone Center 』 Gregory Trefry
5/1 『The Designer’s Notebook: Why Action Games Suck (And What To Do About It)』 Ernest Adams
5/2 『Halo Science 101』 Kevin Grazier
5/4 『Woz Was Here – Steve Wozniak On His Gaming Past』 Benj Edwards
5/7 『Ray Tracing: A Japanese Game Market Expose With Ray Nakazato』 Brandon Sheffield
5/8 『Living Worlds: The Ecology of Game Design』 Kevin Carter
5/9 『MMOs Go Indie: The Indie MMO Game Developers Conference 2007 Report』 Gus Mastrapa
5/11 『Where Game Meets Web: Raph Koster Speaks Out 』 Bonnie Ruberg
5/14 『Clint Hocking Speaks Out On The Virtues Of Exploration』 Bonnie Ruberg
5/15 『The Circle of Life: An Analysis of the Game Product Lifecycle 』 Daniel Cook
5/16 『Event Wrap Up: Vancouver International Game Summit 』 Beth A. Dillon
5/17 『Designing Usable and Accessible Games with Interaction Design Patterns』 Eelke Folmer
5/21 『Persuasive Games: Why We Need More Boring Games』 Ian Bogost
5/22 『The Everyman and the Action Hero: Building a Better Player Character』 Ben Schneider
5/30 『Uncanny AI: Artificial Intelligence In The Uncanny Valley』 David Hayward
6/1 『Down the Hyper-Spatial Tube: Spacewar and the Birth of Digital Game Culture』 Jeffrey Fleming
6/5 『Establishing A Beachhead In A Crowded Genre』 Chris Canfield
6/7 『Designing for Motivation』 David Ghozland
6/13 『Persuasive Games: Designing For Tragedy』 Ian Bogost
6/29 『Who Says Video Games Have to be Fun? The Rise of Serious Games』 Bryan Ochalla
7/3 『Q&A: Producers Of The Roundtable – Practical Scheduling For Games』 Juuso Hietalahti
7/17 『The Designer’s Notebook: Why Design Documents Matter』 Ernest Adams
7/18 『The History of Civilization』 Benj Edwards
7/19 『The Chemistry Of Game Design』 Daniel Cook
7/27 『Designing AI Algorithms For Turn-Based Strategy Games 』 Ed Welch
8/7 『Tracking Player Feedback To Improve Game Design』 Phillip DeRosa
8/20 『Working In Japanese Game Development: The Other Side Of The Rainbow』 JC Barnett
8/21 『Breaking Down Breakout: System And Level Design For Breakout-style Games』 Mark Nelson
8/23 『Game Design Essentials: 20 Difficult Games』 John Harris
9/10 『Persuasive Games: The Reverence Of Resistance』 Ian Bogost
9/13 『The Top 10 Myths of Video Game Optimization』 Eric Preisz
9/18 『Production Values: The Value of Project Management』 Heather Maxwell Chandler
9/20 『Video Games’ First Space Opera: Exploring Atari’s Star Raiders』 Jeffrey Fleming
9/26 『 Game Design Essentials: 20 Open World Games』 John Harris
10/4 『Into The Pixel: The Artists Speak 』 Bryan Ochalla
10/9 『Persuasive Games: Casual As In Sex, Not Casual As In Friday』 Ian Bogost
10/11 『Innovation in Casual Games: A Rallying Cry』 Juan Gril
10/18 『The Flash Game Business: Making A Living Online?』 Kyle Orland
10/26 『Constructing Artificial Emotions: A Design Experiment』 Daniel Cook
11/6 『The History of Atari: 1971-1977』 Steve Fulton
11/7 『Four Days In The Center Of The Board Game Universe』 Ward Batty
11/14 『Game Design Cognition: The Bottom-Up And Top-Down Approaches』 Gilliard Lopes, Rafael Kuhnen
11/19 『All The World’s A Stage: Inside Silicon Knights』 Mathew Kumar
11/23 『Game Feel: The Secret Ingredient 』 Steve Swink
11/26 『The Designer’s Notebook: Ten Years Of Great Games』 Ernest Adams
11/29 『Persuasive Games: Video Game Zen』 Ian Bogost
12/4 『Physics in Games: A New Gameplay Frontier』 Pascal Luban
12/6 『Game Design Essentials: 20 Unusual Control Schemes』 John Harris
12/10 『Piggybacking: Gaming Across the Generation Gap』 Scott Nixon
12/13 『Rare’s Viva Pinata: Giving The World Buzzlegums And Fudgehogs』 Rare staff
12/17 『A History of Gaming Platforms: The Vectrex』 Matt Barton, Bill Loguidice
12/18 『Scrum and Long Term Project Planning for Video Games 』 Clinton Keith
12/20 『Sponsored Feature: Going Live – Announcing XNA Game Studio 2.0』 Chris Satchell, Frank Savage
12/26 『Producers Of The Roundtable: Getting Coders and Artists to Communicate 』 Juuso Hietalahti


1/8 『Translating World of Warcraft into a Tabletop Roleplaying Game: The Content Challenge』 Luke Johnson
1/14 『Game Design Essentials: 20 Mysterious Games 』 John Harris
1/16 『Compulsion Engineers』 Tynan Sylvester
1/17 『The Watery Pachinko Machine of Doom: Project Horseshoe’s Thoughts On Story』 Daniel Cook
1/22 『Plundering the Seas of Probability』 Tyler Sigman
1/24 『The Future Of The Real-Time Strategy Game』 Nathan Toronto
1/29 『Video Games: Officially Art, In Europe』 Francois Bliss de la Boissiere
1/31 『 A History of Gaming Platforms: The Apple II』 Matt Barton, Bill Loguidice
2/1 『Understanding The Fun of Super Mario Galaxy 』 David Sirlin
2/5 『Into The Sector: Digital Extremes’ Steve Sinclair 』 Brandon Sheffield
2/6 『Academic Expansion – How Rare Recruits Graduates』 Nick Burton
2/8 『Interview: Richard Garriott Is From Mars 』 N. Evan Van Zelfden
2/11 『The Arty Party』 Jim Preston
2/12 『Persuasive Games: Videogame Vignette』 Ian Bogost
2/13 『Designing Games That Are Accessible To Everyone』 Eitan Glinert
2/14 『Stories From The Sandbox 』 Neil Sorens
2/15 『Expressing The Future: Tetsuya Mizuguchi 』 Christian Nutt, Brandon Sheffield
2/25 『Hey, That’s MY Game! Intellectual Property Protection for Video Games』 Steve Chang, Ross Dannenberg
2/26 『Nine Paths To Indie Game Greatness』 David Marsh
2/27 『Interview: The Making Of Dwarf Fortress』 John Harris
2/28 『 A History of Gaming Platforms: Atari 2600 Video Computer System/VCS』 Matt Barton, Bill Loguidice
2/29 『The Art Of Games』 E. Daniel Arey
3/3 『How To Compare Online Gaming Businesses 』 Ron Williams
3/6 『Microsoft Excel: Revolutionary 3D Game Engine?』 Peter Rakos
3/7 『Connecting Communities, Redefining Xbox Live: Chris Satchell On XNA』 Christian Nutt
3/10 『A Human Work: Denis Dyack On What Games Need』 Brandon Sheffield
3/11 『Game Culture Vultures: Parkour 』 Andy Robertson
3/12 『Nordic Game Jam 2008: 134 Game Developers, 40.5 Hours and 19 Game Demos』 Anders Hojsted
3/14 『Designing Filmic Games: Paul O’Connor And The Bourne Conspiracy 』 Christian Nutt
3/17 『A Coalition Of Developers』 Christian Nutt
3/18 『Persuasive Games: Video Game Pranks』 Ian Bogost
3/19 『A Japanese RPG Primer: The Essential 20 』 Kurt Kalata
3/21 『N+: Beyond The Postmortem』 Brandon Sheffield
3/24 『Y Control: Joe Ybarra On Cheyenne Mountain’s Massive Plans』 Brandon Sheffield
3/25 『Still Alive: Kim Swift And Erik Wolpaw Talk Portal』 Brandon Sheffield
3/26 『Resolve Your Resolves』 Holger Gruen, Jon Story
3/27 『Games Demystified: Super Mario Galaxy』 Jeremy Alessi
3/31 『EA Goes Free-To-Play: Battlefield Heroes’ Producer Speaks』 Christian Nutt
4/2 『Fixing Online Gaming Idiocy: A Psychological Approach』 Bill Fulton
4/3 『Gaming Addiction: Clearing The Air, Moving Forward 』 Neils Clark
4/4 『Postmortem: Saber Interactive’s TimeShift』 Andrey Iones, Matthew Karch
4/7 『Moving The Industry Forward: Peter Molyneux Speaks』 Christian Nutt
4/8 『The Casual Games Manifesto』 Daniel Cook
4/10 『Design Language: The Portal Paradoxes』 Noah Falstein
4/11 『Understanding Free-To-Play: Nexon’s Min Kim Speaks Out』 Brandon Sheffield
4/15 『Fewer Mechanics, Better Game』 John Rose
4/17 『Digital Bruckheimer: Cameron Brown On Mercenaries 2』 Christian Nutt
4/18 『MMO Class Design: Up With Hybrids! An Economic Argument』 John Hopson
4/21 『Developing An Epic: Nakazato On Lost Odyssey And The Future』 Brandon Sheffield
4/22 『Postmortem: Kat Games’ Dream Chronicles』 Miguel Tartaj
4/23 『Dungeons & Dragons: The Pen and Paper Video Game』 Alvan Monje
4/24 『The Top 20 Underutilized Licenses』 Kyle Orland
4/25 『Ken Levine on BioShock’s Narrative Drive』 Mathew Kumar, Christian Nutt
4/28 『Postmortem: Ironclad/Stardock’s Sins of a Solar Empire』 Blair Fraser, Brad Wardell
4/29 『What Gamers Want: Family Gamers』 Andy Robertson
4/30 『The State of Indie Gaming』 Juan Gril
5/1 『Building a Mindset for Rapid Iteration Part 1: The Problem』 David Gregory
5/2 『Yoshiki Okamoto: Japan’s Game Maverick Speaks』 Yukiko Miyajima Grove, Christian Nutt
5/5 『Finding A New Way: Jenova Chen And Thatgamecompany』 Brandon Sheffield
5/6 『Carry Small, Game Large: Big Shared Screen Multiplayer Gaming』 Omar Rodriguez, Erik J. Johnson, Scott Crabtree, Brad Werth
5/7 『Persuasive Games: Texture』 Ian Bogost
5/9 『Interview: Jordan Weisman』 Chris Dahlen
5/12 『Content Kings: Square Enix’s Shiraishi And Tsuchida On WiiWare And Risk』 Jeremy Parish, Brandon Sheffield
5/14 『The Designer’s Notebook: Difficulty Modes and Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment』 Ernest Adams
5/15 『Building a Mindset for Rapid Iteration Part 2: Some Patterns to Follow and Pitfalls to Avoid』 David Gregory
5/16 『Interview: High Impact’s Lesley Matheson On New Studios, Tech, And More』 Christian Nutt
5/19 『A New Future Under EA: Ray Muzyka Charts BioWare’s Future』 Christian Nutt
5/22 『A Veteran With Character: Roger Hector Speaks』 Brandon Sheffield
5/23 『An Achievement-Centered Online CCG? Designing Kongai』 David Sirlin
5/26 『Book Extract: Dungeons and Desktops: ‘The Silver Age’』 Matt Barton
5/27 『The Pursuit of Games: Designing Happiness』 Lorenzo Wang
5/28 『Giving Games A Voice: Sony’s Dialog Manager Greg deBeer Speaks』 Brandon Sheffield
5/29 『Introducing Scrum At Large Animal Games: A Look Back at the First Year of Agile Development』 Bliksem Tobey
5/30 『Game Design Essentials: 20 Atari Games』 John Harris
6/2 『Bungie In 2008: Reflecting On Halo 3, Moving Beyond』 Christian Nutt
6/5 『MMOG Business Models: Cancel That Subscription!』 Paul Hyman
6/6 『Living On The Edge: DICE’s Owen O’Brien Speaks』 Christian Nutt
6/9 『The Impact of Activision Blizzard』 Mathew Kumar
6/10 『Combating Child Obesity: Helping Kids Feel Better by Doing What They Love』 Garth DeAngelis
6/12 『The Adventurer’s Guide to Thievery』 Tom Smith
6/13 『Catching Up With Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford』 Christian Nutt
6/20 『PopCap: The Complexity Of Being Casual』 Brandon Sheffield
6/23 『Life In Vegas: Surreal’s Alan Patmore On Open World Innovation』 Christian Nutt
6/25 『Persuasive Games: Performative Play』 Ian Bogost
6/26 『Innovations In Character: Personalizing RPGs, Retaining Players 』 Anders Tychsen
6/27 『Masafumi Takada: Grasshopper’s Musical Craftsman』 Brandon Sheffield
6/30 『Spanking Death: Ron Gilbert Goes Episodic… And Loves It』 Chris Remo
7/1 『Defining Boundaries: Creating Credible Obstacles In Games』 Gareth Griffiths
7/7 『Nolan Bushnell: What The Game Industry Misses』 Brandon Sheffield
7/8 『Defining Dialogue Systems』 Brent Ellison
7/10 『What Gamers Want: Silver Gamers』 Andy Robertson
7/11 『Interview: Soren Johnson – Spore‘s Strategist』 Chris Remo, Brandon Sheffield
7/14 『PlatinumGames: Shaking Up Japanese Games』 Brandon Sheffield
7/16 『Measuring Responsiveness in Video Games』 Mick West
7/17 『Surviving High School: A Mobile Survivor Story』 Steve Palley
7/18 『Redefining Game Narrative: Ubisoft’s Patrick Redding On Far Cry 2』 Chris Remo, Brandon Sheffield
7/21 『Q’s Hidden Genius: Reo Yonaga Speaks』 Brandon Sheffield
7/22 『Towards More Meaningful Games: A Multidisciplinary Approach』 Sande Chen
7/25 『Dreaming of a New Day: Heavy Rain’s David Cage』 Brandon Sheffield
7/28 『The Indie Shooter Roundtable: Mak, Cho, And Omega Fire At Will』 Brandon Sheffield
7/29 『Emotion Engineering: A Scientific Approach For Understanding Game Appeal』 Stephane Bura
8/1 『Quelling The Rage: Carmack and Willits Speak Out』 Chris Remo
8/4 『He Is 8-Bit: Capcom’s Hironobu Takeshita Speaks』 Christian Nutt
8/5 『The Art Of Braid: Creating A Visual Identity For An Unusual Game』 David Hellman
8/7 『An Examination of Outsourcing: The Developer Angle』 Paul Hyman
8/8 『Thinking BioShock: From Tech to Philosophy』 Brandon Sheffield
8/11 『The Evolution Of Sega: A Conversation With Simon Jeffery』 Brandon Sheffield
8/12 『The State of the Casual Games Industry in 2008』 Mathew Kumar
8/13 『The Gamasutra 20: 2008’s Breakthrough Developers』 Dana Jongewaard
8/15 『Co-Op Creators: Resident Evil 5’s Anpo and Takeuchi Tag-Team Interview』 Christian Nutt
8/18 『Building Believable Worlds: Yannis Mallat On Production At Ubisoft』 Christian Nutt
8/19 『The Designer’s Notebook: The Tao of Game Design』 Ernest Adams
8/21 『Atari: The Golden Years — A History, 1978-1981』 Steve Fulton
8/25 『Game Design Psychology: The Full Hirokazu Yasuhara Interview』 Brandon Sheffield
8/26 『Games Demystified: Portal』 Jeremy Alessi
8/27 『Defining Boundaries: Creating Credible Obstacles In Games, Part 2』 Gareth Griffiths
8/28 『The Megatrends of Game Design, Part 1』 Pascal Luban
8/29 『New, Better, More: Epic’s Approach to Gears of War 2』 Christian Nutt
9/1 『Saving the Day: Save Systems in Games』 David Sirlin
9/2 『Postmortem: 2K Boston/2K Australia’s BioShock』 Alyssa Finley
9/4 『Revitalizing a Heritage: The Writing of Fallout 3』 Chris Remo
9/5 『Lara Croft’s Legacy: Moving Tomb Raider Forward』 Brandon Sheffield
9/10 『Design Language: Designer Derivations』 Noah Falstein
9/11 『Persuasive Games: Video Game Snapshots』 Ian Bogost
9/12 『Jonathan Blow: The Path to Braid』 Simon Parkin
9/15 『Learning From Crysis: The Making of Crysis Warhead』 Chris Remo
9/16 『Difficulty is Difficult: Designing for Hard Modes in Games』 Daniel Boutros
9/18 『Postmortem: Little Boy Games’ Go! Go! Break Steady』 Ahmed Usman Khalid
9/22 『Preparing for WAR: Mark Jacobs on Launching Warhammer Online』 Chris Remo
9/24 『Postmortem: Torpex Games’ Schizoid』 Jamie Fristrom
9/25 『Making Your Game Tools Fast And Efficienta>』 Noor Khawaja
9/26 『Saving Street Fighter: Yoshi Ono on Building Street Fighter IV』 Brandon Sheffield
9/29 『A New Vocabulary For Development: Chuck Beaver And Dead Space』 Chris Remo
9/30 『Postmortem: Brothers in Arms: Double Time』 Kristin Price, Kurt Reiner
10/1 『Game Developer Magazine’s Top 20 Publishers For 2008』 Trevor Wilson
10/2 『The Game Master Speaks: Hudson’s ‘Takahashi-Meijin’ Goes Retro』 Brandon Sheffield
10/6 『Afro Samurai’s David Robinson: New Studio, New Problems, New Chances』 Brandon Sheffield
10/7 『A Sense of Fun: Anybody Could Be Your Player 1』 Masaya Matsuura
10/8 『Postmortem: Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune』 Neil Druckmann, Richard Lemarchand
10/9 『The Designer’s Notebook: Bad Game Designer, No Twinkie! IX』 Ernest Adams
10/10 『Sponsored Feature: XNA Game Quality: The Certification Story』 Nick Bodenham, Andrew Donnelly, Michael Steer
10/13 『Falling Into Fallout 3: Director Todd Howard Talks Scope And Evolution』 Chris Remo
10/14 『Ode to Short Dialog: Reconsidering the Sound Bite』 Ben Schneider
10/15 『Space Adventures, Haunted Houses, Intergalactic Gaming: Richard Garriott Lives Large』 Lee Purcell
10/17 『New Tricks: Scott Blackwood Talks Skate And Skate 2』 Christian Nutt
10/21 『What Gamers Want: Missing Gamers』 Andy Robertson
10/24 『New, Better, More: Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski on Designing Gears of War 2』 Chris Remo
10/27 『Peter Molyneux: Fable II, From Conception To Reality』 Christian Nutt
10/29 『Postmortem: Fizz Factor’s The Incredible Hulk』 Paul Benjamin, Rodney Gibbs
10/30 『Persuasive Games: The Birth and Death of the Election Game』 Ian Bogost
10/31 『A New Galaxy: Daniel Erickson On Writing The Old Republic』 Chris Remo
11/3 『Team Ninja: Ready For More』 Christian Nutt
11/4 『Thinking With Portals: Creating Valve’s New IP』 Jeep Barnett, Kim Swift, Erik Wolpaw
11/4 『Sponsored Feature: Play With The Whole World: Tandem Games & The Intel Software Partner Program』 Intel Visual Adrenaline Team
11/5 『The Megatrends of Game Design, Part 2』 Pascal Luban
11/7 『The Philosophy of Faith: A Mirror’s Edge Interview』 Chris Remo
11/10 『Called Back to Duty: Activision on Iterating on Success』 Simon Parkin
11/11 『Beyond Scrum: Lean and Kanban for Game Developers』 Clinton Keith
11/12 『Gameplay Fundamentals Revisited: Harnessed Pacing & Intensity』 Mike Lopez
11/14 『Peeking Inside Insomniac: A Conversation With Ted Price』 Christian Nutt
11/18 『Persuasive Games: Disjunctive Play』 Ian Bogost
11/21 『More Than Just Lips: Keiichi Yano On Music Game Innovation』 Christian Nutt
11/24 『Emotions And War: The Valkyria Chronicles Interview』 Brandon Sheffield
11/26 『Gameplay Fundamentals Revisited, Part 2: Building a Pacing Structure』 Mike Lopez
11/27 『Postmortem: Tale of Tales’ The Graveyard』 Michael Samyn
11/28 『The Last Express: Revisiting An Unsung Classic』 Chris Remo
12/1 『Reawakening The Sleeping Giant: The Pac-Man CE Interview』 Christian Nutt
12/2 『Shoot to Thrill: Bio-Sensory Reactions to 3D Shooting Games』 Tim Hong
12/3 『The Megatrends of Game Design, Part 3』 Pascal Luban
12/4 『The Rhythm of Creation: Hiroyuki Kotani and Patapon』 Christian Nutt
12/5 『A Global Phenomenon: Andersson and Judd on Capcom/GRIN’s Bionic Commando』 Christian Nutt
12/10 『A Matter of Luck』 Richard Todd
12/11 『Game Developer’s Top Deck 2008』 Gamasutra
12/12 『Taunting The Behemoth: Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin Cry Out』 Chris Remo, Brandon Sheffield
12/16 『Sound Concepting: Selling the Game, Creating its Auditory Style』 Brad Meyer
12/17 『Gamasutra’s Top 20 Trends of 2008 』 Christian Nutt
12/19 『The Technology of F.E.A.R. 2: An Interview on Engine and AI Development』 Christian Nutt
12/22 『Postmortem: Insomniac’s Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction』 John Fiorito
12/23 『Persuasive Games: Windows and Mirror’s Edge』 Ian Bogost
12/24 『The Megatrends of Game Design, Part 4』 Pascal Luban
12/26 『You Say Tomato: A Pro on Fan-Translating Nintendo’s Mother 3』 Simon Parkin
12/29 『Yuji Naka On New Beginnings At His Studio, Prope』 Brandon Sheffield
12/31 『Gamasutra’s Best Of 2008』 Leigh Alexander, Eric Caoili, Simon Carless, Christian Nutt, Chris Remo

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